How To Hang Wallpaper Without Losing Your Mind

I think scrubbing bubbles may be too caustic (I’m not sure that’s the right word?). I’ve had good luck with Mr. Clean and the big white jug with the word lightening (grease lightening, maybe?) at Dollar General Store. In some cases, the vinyl flooring was installed before the walls were attached to the floor so you would need to either cut it out or install over. I like the idea of installing over it – every little bit of insulation you add to the home the better. You’d just need to follow installation instructions for whatever material you want to lay down. You can use a patch but it’s probably going to be easier if you just replace the entire wall with sheet rock.

These can be cut down and any excess paper can be pushed behind the socket fitting to ensure a seamless finish. Working to the right of this first “drop”, paste the wall again allowing a few centimeters wider than the width of the wallpaper. You should see you don’t need to get close to the first drop of paper when doing this. Once you’ve chosen your favourite design, use our handy wallpaper calculator to work out how many rolls you need to complete your project.


Painting over wallpaper is a task you can do, provided you follow the necessary preparation steps. However, I recommend stripping wallpaper whenever you can before painting your walls. This way, you’ll get better results and fewer repair problems down the road. When it comes to paint elsewhere around your shower, there are different guidelines to follow. With that said, I have had pretty good success with Behr Marquee exterior paint and primer in one.

  • Also, if faced with layer upon layer of wallpaper, it could take you ages to get rid of it.
  • My iPhone 13 has recently changed to all black screen saver and background the last two times I charged my phone.
  • What makes DeskScapes different is the cool effects it offers to customize and turn your images into wallpapers.
  • All the wallpapers available on the app are well optimized to ensure longer battery life.

She has been working for Guiding Tech since 2017 and has around five years of experience writing features, how-tos, buying guides, and explainers. Previously she worked as an IT Analyst at TCS, but she found her calling elsewhere. While the wallpapers of the good ol’ days were definitely seen as a breakthrough, they turned out to be huge guzzlers of the battery juice. In the Solid Settings dialog box, click the Make Comp Size button and choose any color from the color box below and click OK. Create a seamless looping background using evolution options. Wait while the video converts into a Live Photo and downloads to your Photos Library.

How has the Wallpaper+Liquid Starch Technique Held up Over Time?

A double-tap would let you drop fish food in the pond to feed the fish. The Water Garden Live Wallpaper app will give you the serenity of having a garden pond on your phone. With this interactive and relaxing app, you can customize the look of your pond and feed koi of different sizes. You can choose from the free themes in the app like Silent Night and Desert Migration. The Pro subscription, on the other hand, includes a lot more festive themes such as Christmas and Easter themes.

How to Set a Live Wallpaper on iPhone 14 with iOS 16

Once you’re happy with the look, tap Done to save your changes. To edit any of the existing watch faces in your library, long press on the display and tap ‘Edit’ underneath each one. Then, swipe to the left to cycle through your editing options. If you don’t like any of the already saved options, you can also swipe all the way to the left until you reach the ‘New’ option. You can then scroll up and down through the additional watch faces and tap ‘Add’ when you find one you like. Press your Apple Watch’s Digital Crown so that the current watch face appears.

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