How to connect CAT 5 or 6 to a modular telephone jack

To improve the “percentage” resolution, you need a lower series resistor, but this would of course increase the current and power dissipation in the resistors. To resolve to 0.1 ohm with a 10 bit ADC needs a series resistance of 100 ohms. MUST the resistor under test be on the positive side of the Reference resistor ? That makes the whole measurement much more difficult. RS has been providing you with promo codes certain products. You can check whether your most desired product is discounted in the sales product column of


There are a few thing you can do to get better results, before you get into multi-word maths. What I can’t figure out is how to effectively get my values into a SYMBOL/S on the fly in order to process my required calculations a number of times. I have researched pretty hard trying to find the clever answer to my current query. I have semi found the answer, but can’t find how I can implement my values. RS members can enjoy a variety of surprise voucher codes they provide you.

Along with a protection zener ‘crowbar’ eliminates any of those concerns. Any adverse effect any implemented protection may have can always be software or otherwise compensated. © 2022 Over 250K+ free discount codes and vouchers for 20K+ of stores. It’s available on ebay, just search for polyurethane fuel line.

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I altered the values denoted by Symbol NUMERATOR and Symbol DIVISOR and Alan’s code did return the value I had hoped. I was thinking of using conductive paint and bits of wire to get the pads’ ribbon cable directly ‘soldered’ on to the PCB. Downsides to the mod- the later models with the factory paddle shifters have different cruise control buttons for “Cancel/ Resume”. On my steering wheel it’s a paddle type switch- so you need to be careful you’re activating the correct paddle on that side. This chip is rather impressive, does quite a stable job with my attached circuit and is very simple to get data returned. My very simple program reliably returns a repeated conversion result.

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  • That’s what you get with no devices mucking with the current and voltage between the battery and the thing you are powering.
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  • As such, it’s important that this new generation of 3D printers for schools are user-friendly and easy to use.

If i take too long to reply, sorry my cat is sleeping on my laps. I’ll update this thread at some future point with a pass or fail story when I have fitted new ic’s. A fair bit of current and that could have caused damage. These may be reprinted, or maybe these failed through quality check and left factory in sellers pants instread to be destroyed..You’ll never know..

1/4″ is a bit tight and quite difficult to fit over the spigots. 5/16″ slips on easily, but you need to have good worm drive hose clamps to make sure it doesn’t leak. I’ve been using Tygon brand fuel hose for several years now. I have recently brought fuel hose from these guys that i am trialing on another bike, they do various types and sizes,recommended via someone from another owners club. Also you state that you step up the source voltage to 13.8, why ? As this will be used as the source for the motors, that probably means that they would attempt to take more current, which would have knock-on effects on the drivers & their power sources ….. Hi, it’s been a while since I started a thread but I was hoping someone might be able to help me try and fix my HEQ5 motherboard.

If you do, then that 0.03 % “accuracy” opens a real can of worms. From your post, it seems you have a flat linearization for the K-Type sensors, correct? If not, please make sure to set the EGT sensor linearizations to “0” throughout.

Really no idea why they are such a ripoff for these chips, I do buy a fair amount of bits and pieces from them though. Maybe this thread will be findable via google for others that do the same and come across similar problems, because there is actually very little information out there when You go looking. Totally programmable pulse frequency and length and 100% compatible with the Flukso. Had meters installed this morning so I will take a few photos and hook up the pulse outputs to the Fluxso when I get home tonight. My problem is that my watermeter, gasmeter end government-installed electricity fusebox are in one place, and from there I got a thick XVB cable to my personal fuse box at another location.

Either way of course, the total energy inputs must on average be greater than what you use. It may not display this or other websites correctly. As with most issues that take a while to fix, it was a combination problem. The other part was that the sensitivity on the smart effector was too low. RS components has all manner of pre crimped cables of various lengths.


I have pedal shifter but do not have the +/- rocker button on the gear knob. If i get the buttons needed to go on the knob and retro fit them, i would like to know what wires should i run to the steering wheel. Read more posts like this from Chris and other guest bloggers on the TCT Blog and visit CEL Technologies at TCT Show + Personalize at the NEC Birmingham, September 30th-October 1st .

Achieving 0.1 ohm resolution when measuring a one ohm resistor is relatively easy. But getting 0.1 ohm resolution of a 300 ohm resistor will be difficult, even with a 12 bit ADC. The resolve appears to be cleverly written by the proven master of math around these parts, AllyCat and can be viewed in the code of post #1 here in this thread.


Thevenin really isn’t very difficult and sometimes can be extremely useful (Google might find a more User-friendly description than Wikipedia). Basically you just replace any voltage sources (e.g. the power supply) with a short-circuit and remove the load (e.g. the DUT) to calculate the desired resistances and voltages. The most difficult part is calculating the value of resistances connected in parallel, but here an “estimate” or an on-line calculator may be sufficient. My “Edit” above obviously doesn’t meet your revised specification, but may give an idea of what factors need to be considered.

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Some suggestions on this forum of people with similar problems was that it was the power supply not being a clean 13.8v so I thought this might fix it. I am pretty sure (although still browsing the finer details of numerous datasheets, now inclusive of Hippy’s suggestion of HX711) I am going to go with an external ADC. Thus far the MCP3421 in singled-ended mode appears to be one of the best fits regards to the math and truly achieving the 0.1 ohm resolution I am looking for. This will then leave the accuracy coming down to my electronic design. Reference to the image I posted in POST #1, R1 will be raised to 1K or in practice at worst I may end up having to suffer with the current expense of using 510R and R2 shall be the resistor under test.

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The beauty of all these features is also that it makes 3D printing accessible to anyone. For example, students with dyslexia or other learning difficulties are able to engage with lessons fully and create the object they imagine. When a person struggles with traditional learning skills like reading and writing, the key to success is often found in alternative methods to help with comprehension and inspire creativity.

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  • The ADC is undoubtedly a high impedance input, as such for example a 1K resistor could be placed between the ADC input and sense point with a negligible effect to the signal.
  • I am very confident this setup is mathematically more than capable of achieving 0.1 ohm resolution and coupled with my appropriate reference circuit is demonstrating stable accuracy.

RS Members can earn points by purchasing various items in the store, but non-members cannot earn or redeem their points. The time of enjoy amazing lower price products won’t last long, so hurry up to buy it at RS. The linearization table or voltage curve is not used when you select K-Type as the input. The best I have found is the “Cavis type” fuel line from Bevel Heaven.

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These tools mean a student to create 3D printer-ready objects for themselves, beginning to bridge the gap between a child’s imagination and what they’re able to create. So my problem is that I don’t have access to seperate phase cables in the location where the other meters are. Unless I cut open the isolation of the XVB to place the clamps. It would also be worth posting a full circuit diagram seeing as we seem to have moved on from where we started. Because of this I have now started working on writing a STD PIC program to be a dedicated math co-processor for this one purpose that also communicates on the I2C bus.

Find anything wrong with it, all connections test ok on my multimeter. Very impressed with the quality of the ABB meters. The bit that’s just twigged with me is the signal that the charger gives the battery management system to tell it to feed How is materiality determined the volts in. For example, when my cable isn’t plugged quite right, my laptop tells me that it can’t charge because the charger can’t be detected correctly. Storage Ah just gives you more buffer to spread that average out over more days.

Search on Ebay for Range Rover Evoque paddle shifters and you should find the same version I purchased. (Mine came from the UK.) There are plastic and metal versions- the metal version doesn’t have the backlit + and -. Did you have to run wires from the other side of the clockspring to the gear shifter?. Failure to heed this warning may result in death or serious injury to yourself and/or others.

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