Getting Him to Propose By Reading Their Mind

Getting Him to Propose By Reading Their Mind

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6 ideas on “How to have Him to Propose By Reading their Mind”

My gf stated she doesn’t plan on getting married ever… therefore i told her I wouldn’t ever push her for wedding or propose so if she changes her head she can propose if you ask me. Now she appears interested in wedding… :p

Where’s the mind-reading part?

I’ve been with my BF for nearly 7 years. He’s the guy that is first dated so i guess I happened to be niaeve as soon as we began dated. He had been a BF that is horrible the very first 2-3 years. We split up i started to see it with him as. He previously a few life changes, grew up, apologised when it comes to years he had been terrible in my opinion and stated he’d spend the res of his life rendering it as much as me personally. Therefore I dated him once again.

I’m scared i’m being stupid once again but personally I think chances are he must have proposed. All their friends keep asking him, mine keep asking me personally and all I will say is we’ll get hitched whenever we’re prepared fdating username. I’ve spoken to him on how personally I think, he tells me he’s not going to be pressured and he’s no where near ready and won’t be he can buy us a house and take care of me until he feels. Then months later he’ll inform individuals just how stupid he think marrage is. So i’m simply really confused. We don’t think i’ve pressured him, i’ve only asked just what he believes he might want to about it and when in his life.

I’m unsure if I ought to loaf around until i’m 30 nevertheless waiting on something which may happen never. His household keeps saying i’m a catch, both their brothers say they’d ask me down he’d think i’m a catch too if we ever broke up, so i think. I’m simply not yes how to proceed. He’s the guy that is only dated, i’m their 4th GF. each of them dumped him so i’m maybe not certain that that is because he’d comit or what never the problems had been. I recently desire to be with some body that really wants to invest their life beside me. We reside in that comfort zone of never needing to get married with him a few days a week, i cook and clean, organise his tax, i just hope i havent put him. I simply don’t know very well what else to complete, everyone loves him but i don’t want to be played.

Plz assist me.. I m a medico girl..had held it’s place in relatnship of 6 yrs with my collegue we had been planning to marry..but had the essential painful separation 6 mnths ago..our college finished 1 yr ago Evryone went for their towns i truly had worst section of my entire life i cried beggedfor support He is happy with me Then evrything started I m still with X during his prep period as he has lost his mother 2 yrs ago V both r too much compatible whether proffesionally or personal issues So i just proposed him..v r just together for 3 months..its so soon He is i think scared confused He belongs to a educated family from diff caste..but he wants to live at village home and said will marry to a non medico gal who can stay at home I m ready for it after our 3 yr degree..but gives excuses of family and relativesa nd diff culture I m not in a hurry He too loves do i convince his family wont have any problem..its just his choice..plz suggest..but he left One of my guy batchmate X started making me understnd and consoled me All this affected my exams results too My friend X got poor result..then i was there with him

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